HitPick is a web server that facilitates the analysis of chemical screenings by identifying hits and predicting their molecular targets. The target prediction functionality can also be used in a stand-alone fashion.

For hit identification, the widely used B-score method (1) is applied.

For target prediction, HitPick applies a new approach that combines two 2D molecular similarity based methods, namely, simple 1-Nearest-Neighbour (1NN) similarity searching (2) and a machine learning method based on Laplacian-modified naive Bayesian models (3). Baca lebih lanjut


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Ciamis Merubah Segalanya & Sebuah Kesaksian

Sebuah catatan perjalanan karena ‘CINTA PADA ILAHI’ 

Sebuah ungkapan dari lubuk hati terdalam akan ketidakrelaan ketika kalam Ilahi Robbi dinistikan

Ciamis Merubah Segalanya

By : Ahmad M. Saleh

Tadinya saya berpikir 212 akan lebih sedikit dari 411.

Tapi perkiraan saya salah, Ya… 212 kemungkinan akan lebih besar dari 411, kenapa?

Karena ada killer content bernama CIAMIS.

Orang yg paham digital marketing pasti paham apa itu killer content.

Berita Ciamis menasional dan mendunia meski “Media si itu” memberitakan cuma 80 orang saja peserta. Tapi, ini era sosial media dimana kebenaran akan terkonfirmasi dengan cepat sebagaimana hoax juga menyebar dgn cepat.

Dan aksi longmarch ribuan massa dari ciamis menuju jakarta bukanlah hoax. Dia adalah fakta gerakan berbasis ghirah pada agama dan Al-Quran – dari hati yg menyentuh hati setiap orang yg membaca. Kecuali kaum sebelah tentunya.

Killer Content itu valuenya harus dari hati dan jujur baru bisa menggerakan. Baca lebih lanjut

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Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Beta-Beta Wood Ethanolic Extract (Lunasia amara Blanco) in Mice Model of Rhemathoid Arthritis


Download full article

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NPL Database – Leiden University

npl-leidenSource : http://www.leidennpl.org/npldatabase/index.html

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Isolation of Plant Pigments by Column Chromatography – Amrita University

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MAPS database


MAPS database provides phytochemicals, activities , structural and test target information about medicinal plants with reference to original research papers, PubMed Cental Id and PubChem structures. This web resource enables user to search plants with different activities, plants possessing specfic activity against specific test target (i.e virus, fungi, bacteria etc…), download phytochemical structures in .mol format with reference and hyperlink to PubChem Id.


MAPS database provides user with more than 20 activities possessed by medicinal plants. Each activity is linked with plant information with its name (Scientific Name), test target on which it found to be effective and literature as a reference( PubMed Id, Title, Abstract, Authors and PubMed Central id if available). Baca lebih lanjut

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xlogMOLBASE.com, founded in April 2013,  is committed  to establish the worlds largest integrated platform for chemical e-commerce, enabling the trade of chemicals to be more transparent, more efficient and more convenient. It is initiated by a group of professionals with 20 years experiences, including foreign-educated doctors, expert of state “1000 talent program” and technicians with longtime working experiences in Internet related industry. As a newly-built company , MOLBASE.com has been supported by world class venture capitals such as Innovation Works, Trustbridge Partners,Vangoo Capital and Fosun brothers. After years of skyrocketing growth, MOLBASE.com successfully attracts over 100 thousands of buyers and suppliers from all over the world with a monthly turnover of more than one billion CNY in which the number is still growing steadily. In addition, MOLBASE.com has been offering fast access to over 40 million pieces of chemical compounds data including chemical structures, properties, synthetic routes, MSDS and NMR spectra. It is now the most accurate and complete database of commercially available chemicals in the world.

Url : http://www.molbase.com/

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