Alkaloids, group of mildly alkaline compounds, mostly of plant origin and of moderate molecular complexity. Even in very small amounts, the alkaloids produce strong physiological effects on the body. All contain nitrogen atoms that are structurally related to those of ammonia.

Nearly 3000 alkaloids have been recorded; the first to be prepared synthetically (1886) was one of the simplest, called coniine, or 2-propyl piperidine, C5H10NC3H7. It is highly poisonous; less than 0.2 g (0.007 oz) is fatal. Coniine, obtained from seeds of the hemlock, was the poison used in the execution of Socrates. Some 30 of the known alkaloids are used in medicine. For example, atropine, obtained from belladonna, causes dilation of the pupils; morphine is a painkiller; quinine is a specific remedy for malaria; nicotine is a potent insecticide; and reserpine is a valuable tranquilizer.

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4 responses to “Alkaloids

  1. eva

    Terima kasih pak najib…
    Sdh sy bc2 materi antidiabetesnya….
    Wa ‘alaykum Mussalam
    Semoga penelitiannya lancar yach Eva…………

  2. Fadilah Amir

    kakak biosinitesis alkaloid amida tidk ad didapat,,,,,, n udh dicri di situs lain tdk ad jg cumn biosintesis reaksi dri efedrin n kolkhisin kk….. cri dimn lagi kk it biosintesisnya???????
    Cari di buku no 31 pd bagian download ebook diblog ini

  3. asz. mau tanya bagaimana penjelasan biosintesis dari cocain?
    Waz. Silahkan klik link ini :
    dan download buku no 31 dan 43 disitu ada penjelasannya

  4. yani

    pa mau tanya apa bpa pnya ebook mengenai alkaloid mulai dri penggolongan sampai uji kuantitatif dari golongan-golongan alkaloid?
    trima kasih pa sbelumnnya…

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