MAPS database


MAPS database provides phytochemicals, activities , structural and test target information about medicinal plants with reference to original research papers, PubMed Cental Id and PubChem structures. This web resource enables user to search plants with different activities, plants possessing specfic activity against specific test target (i.e virus, fungi, bacteria etc…), download phytochemical structures in .mol format with reference and hyperlink to PubChem Id.


MAPS database provides user with more than 20 activities possessed by medicinal plants. Each activity is linked with plant information with its name (Scientific Name), test target on which it found to be effective and literature as a reference( PubMed Id, Title, Abstract, Authors and PubMed Central id if available).


There are a number of phytochemicals present in plants belong to different categories i.e Flavonoids, Steriods, Tannins, Saponins, Alkaloids, Aromatic etc. MAPS contains more than 1200 phytochemicals present in differnet plants. This datbase also provides reference to primary source of information including (Paper title, abstract, Pubmed Id, Authors and PubMed Cental id if available). Phytochemicals can be quered via plant name ( scientific).


MAPS Database provides Plant’s structures in .mol format as well as PubChemID and hyperlinks to go directly on that page. Each entry is given a unique ID (MAPS Id). Phytochemical Stuctures are categoried into differnt classes (ie Flavonoids, Steriods, Saponins, Tannins, Alkaloids, Aromatic….).


MAPS web interface allows user to search via Plant Name to know its all information including Phytochemicals, Activitites, Targets and Literature, via Activity & via Targets.

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