In Vitro Bioassay of n-buthanol Isolate of Acorus calamus L. on Inhibitory of Activity α-Glucosidase

Authors : Ahmad Najib, Sri Hartati,  and Berna Elya

Abstract: Compound existence at one particular plant extract ingredient that has ability to inhibitory α-glucosidase enzyme, give a chance to develop a natural medicine in the effort therapy of diabetic. This aim of study to see effectivity of n-buthanol isolate from plants Acorus calamus L. on inhibitory α -glucosidase enzyme. Extraction done with masceration method use methanol. The gummy methanol extract followed by partition using n-heksan, ethyl acetate and n-butanol. The n-buthanol extract isolate using column chromatography method with stationer phase is resin diaion hp 20 and eluent ethanol: water in various concentration, isolation result is got 5 fraction. In each fraction was assayed for inhibitory activity on α-glucosidase enzyme. The potential inhibition effect was got in 5th fraction and from purified process using column chromatography method with stationer phase is silica gel and eluent dichloromethane : methanol 95:5 was got ACB as active compound with IC50 17.89 μg/ml. This result shows that plants Acorus calamus L. has a potency to develop upon which diabetes therapy.
Key word : enzyme α-glucosidase, n-butanol Isolate, Acorus calamus L.

Source :  International Journal of  PharmTech Research, Vol.3, No.4,                p. 2085-2088, Oct-Dec 2011

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