Organic Compound Identification Using Infrared Spectroscopy


This exercise is intended to familiarize you with the identification of functional groups in organic compounds using infrared spectra. Before you can use this technique, you need to have an introduction to infrared spectroscopy and to what an IR spectrum is.

Infrared spectroscopy deals with the interaction of infrared light with matter. The energy of an infrared photon can be calculated using the Planck energy relation.

E = hn
where h = 6.6 x 10-34 joule second and n = frequency of the photon. This shows that high energy photons have high frequency.

The frequency, n, and speed of light, c, are related through the relation

c = ln

where c = 3.0 x 108 meter/second and l = wavelength for the light

By :

Dr. Walt Volland, Bellevue Community College

All rights reserved 1999, Bellevue, Washington

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